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I founded Mod Evil Studio in the summer of 2013, as a space to make and share wearables.  Having graduated from a conceptual art school only a year earlier, I was floundering, trying to find a chink in the wall of the separatist high-concept art practice that had been grafted onto me, and find a way to bring craft back into my life.  Mod Evil has become not only a space for me to explore and share a craft practice rooted in anthropological research and study, but a theraputic return to all of the things that brought me to art in the first place.


We Are...

We are hags, haters, and fashionable recluses.  We are feminist kill joys, weirdos, fighters, strangers, sympathizers.  We are architects, designers, singers, artists, scientists, business women, writers, and makers.


We are modern witches who love modern design.  We are forward thinkers, and for that some call us evil.

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